Gore for President
Al Gore for President
Al Gore for President in 2008. The question is will he run. If Al Gore decides to run, the only one that is likely to win the nomination over him is Hillary Clinton. No one knows for sure who will win, but if Al Gore decides to run again he will be hard to stop. He has experience that others do not have being the Vice President for 8 years in the Clinton administration. He also ran for President and even though he didn't win, or did he? Gore has the experience of knowing how to run a campaign for President. It is not known if John Kerry will run again but many would support Gore who did better and feel he should have another chance. Plus he has connections to Clinton as his VP that Kerry doesn't have. People like that connection and experience.
Al Gore is a leader in the environmental moving. He is concerned about the earth and our very survival. With the high price of gas people are looking at alternative energy and that will make Gore the one that people will want to hear from. Gore has talked about doing away with the use of oil for environmental reasons including the green house effect and global warming. People are now interested in alternative and clean fuels. Hybrids are selling and people want to use corn as ethanol and other renewable energy.
After a few years out of office Gore may have found his voice and is now is own man instead of looking like Bill Clinton's under study. For those that watched the 2000 election close Gore was a bit stiff and awkward. If he can show strength and improve his speech's Gore may be the next President.

Do you support Al Gore for President?
Yes. Gore is what we need for the environment and will be a good President.
Gore is good but I rather have Hillary
No. Gore is too stiff and not the best candidate.

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